The Cafe'






A wonderfully well balanced classic Italian coffee. 

$6.75 - $24.75
Caramel Macchiato

One of our signature recipes. A true tribute to a coffee house classic. An espresso and coffee mix, with a unique caramel and vanilla overtone. Absolutely delicious.

$6.75 - $24.75
Chai Tea

One of our more unique offerings. A spiced tea originating in India. Soothing spices and herbs make this a tasty and relaxing vape. 

$6.75 - $24.75
French Vanilla Chai Tea

Same as our original Chai but with a whisper of French vanilla to enhance the over all flavor.

$6.75 - $24.75

  Nothing fancy. Just a true morning "wake me up"  flavor for traditional coffee lovers.

$6.75 - $24.75
Creamy Espresso

Bold and delightfully intense coffee with a creamy smooth finish.

$6.75 - $24.75
Keoke Coffee

A complex original coffee recipe of ours. Blended coffee, liquors and sweet flavors, bring you a truly fascinating, one of a kind, delightful, anytime treat.

$6.75 - $24.75
White Chocolate Cappuccino

Another version of our good old Italian classic with a gentle distinctive hint of white chocolate added.

$6.75 - $24.75
Caramel Cafe'

A wonderfully refreshing taste treat. Mildly sweet coffee and caramel treat without the calories. The only thing missing is the ice. Replaces our original Caramel Frappe' with a new unique caramel flavor. Absolutely delicious!


$6.75 - $24.75
Cafe' 5

A  most unique blend of coffee and tobacco. Sweet  light notes of caramel coffee, infused with the subtle aftertaste of smooth nutty tobacco. Enjoyable, flavorful and definitely one of a kind. This is truly one of our finest gourmet recipes.

$6.75 - $24.75