Innokin Cool Fire 4

This is a fantastic mod for the new or intermediate vaper. Extremely high quality GENUINE Innokin product  with a 2000 mah long lasting internal battery. Perfect for Standard or Sub-Ohm vaping. 3.0-7.5v or 6.0-40w. Standard vaping usually uses from 8-12w. Sub-Ohm varies with  the atomizer used. Lightweight, extremely comfortable in the hand and very user friendly. Can also be used as a pass through while charging. Comes in either a brushed  Black/Stainless or Stainless finish. There is a convenient off/on switch on the bottom if needed, an eGo adapter, charge cable and instructions. Do yourself a favor and Google this mod and read the reviews, they are truly impressive.  

See our Atomizer section for some excellent Aspire tanks available for this beautiful mod.

Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit

This is a GENUINE Aspire product. One of the most impressive new starter kits we have ever seen. An ablolute pleasure to vape. A 1200 mah Carbon fiber battery with the easiest drawing bottom fill atomizer we have seen in a long time. Compact, rugged and easy to slip in pocket or purse, with a two ml capacity. No adjustments, just fill and vape. Comes with an extra coil, charge cable and instruction sheet. Takes the standard Nautilus BVC coils and if you have an Android phone you can use the cable to charge it also.  

Kit comes with a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid of your choice. Just request the flavor and nicotine strength in the shipping instruction area when ordering.

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Aspire Carbon Fiber SUB-OHM Battery

GENUINE Aspire Carbon Fiber SUB-OHM Battey. This battery is An extremely reliable and stable powerhouse. It supplies intense power for low resistance atomizers. With 2000 mah long lasting power, it really delivers. The spring loaded connector gives the sub-ohm tank a positive connection. Comes with instructions and charge cable. Available in Gray or Black Carbon Fiber.  

We have also found these to be an excellent fit for the Nautilus Tank. They perform  and look great.

eGo PASSTHROUGH Battery 900 mah

The eGo 900mah, 3.7 v Passthrough Battery is very handy and compact. A perfect match for our ARO II clearomicer or any eGo 510 threaded atomizer. You can vape while on line and be charging your battery at the same time by plugging it in to your USB port. This battery is slim, compact and easy to carry in pocket or purse.  Has a nice 900 mah capacity and comes with charge cable. Your choice of Stainless or Matte Black.