Caramel Cafe'

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Glenn , 11/10/2013

Thanks Ray for another great flavor. This is a wonderful blend of coffee + caramel and is my everyday choice.

Reviewed by Derrick , 10/30/2013

Absolutely best out there!!

Reviewed by J , 08/01/2013

Delicious! perfect flavor added to the 555 blend for that "im not drinking a coffee" kick

Reviewed by rick , 05/30/2013

wife love it. Got a free sample and just ordered the 50 ml.

Reviewed by Brian , 05/14/2013

I received this from Ray as a sample to my order, and it is exactly as described. I can taste the coffee as well as the caramel. If you are a coffee and caramel lover this is for you. I actually prefer this over the Caramel Macchiato.