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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jim G, 10/29/2014

Some of the smoothest Ry4 I have ever tried, Thanks for the vaping experience

Reviewed by Dobbs , 11/04/2013

I asked for ry4 at a vape shop in Virginia Beach and they had a small selection of this flavor brand wise. I fell in love instantly with this flavor when I sampled it. Got home cracked open the bottle and at first the vape had a strong tobacco flavor. Left the cap off for a day to steep which became heavenly and perfectly balanced tasting every aspect.

Came back week or two later to find out they discontinued your brand. They offered me some other brands and nothing compares to what VCB produces. Apparently the locals here prefered the extravagently packaged over supreme quality in a so so bland sticker and bottle. Ship it as is and save on packaging costs along with damage in transport risks. I just wish I had a VCB sticker to proudly represent what I vape on my amber bottle dropper bottle.

Reviewed by Shaun , 10/13/2013

Once again, VCB hits it on the mark. The smooth taste of vanilla and caramel mixed with mild tobacco is amazing. Every new flavor I try from Ray and the crew quickly becomes my new favorite juice. Keep up the amazing work!

Reviewed by J , 10/05/2011

As a pareson who not only mixes his own RY4, this juice is truly phenominal,1st time Ive actually tasted what a "TRUE" "RY4" SHOULD TASTE LIKE !!! YOU CAN ACTUALLY TASTE ALL THE VANILLA,CARAMEL,AND TABACCO YOU SHOULD !!