Fuji Apple Pear

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Rob , 02/23/2015

Wow!! Refreshing

Reviewed by David L, 08/21/2014

Everything I could want in an apple/pear flavor. Great right out of the mailbox however, it only gets better with age. Will definitely order this again.

Reviewed by Laura , 05/05/2014

Unique and delicious! This is my favorite juice now--I can't go without it! I highly recommend this flavor to anyone, especially those who like fruit flavors.

Reviewed by Tammy , 02/20/2013

This is my most favorite juice of all time. I order this in 50 ml. bottles all the time . I finally firgued out how to read these darn code words.

Reviewed by Brian , 01/23/2013

While I prefer tobacco flavors over fruity and sweet, this is an excellent vape. The taste is just as advertised!

Reviewed by Nick , 11/26/2012

Just a really fantastic flavor. Sweet / slightly tart. Quite authentic. Been dripping this with my "FATTY" atty and it's a very nice vape. Big fan