Aspire / eGo Standard Charge Cable

USB charge cable for standard eGo and variable volt batteries. Equipped with the newest safe circuit board for worry free battery charging.

10 ml Needle Cap Bottle

 Very handy tool for filling nearly any type vaping hardware.

CAUTION: This is not a toy and MUST be kept out of the reach of children and pets. Purchaser is solely responsible for proper use and storage.  DOES NOT HAVE CHILD PROOF CAP

Aspire Atlantis 5 ml Replacement Tank

This tank will upgrade your Atlantis tank to a large capacity 5 ml. You must use your existing base and mouthpiece or drip tip with this replacement tank.

Aspire Nautilus Hollowed Out Replacement Tank

This is the beautiful 5 ml capacity Hollowed Out Replacement Tank for the standard size Nautilus tank. You must have a Nautilus base and mouthpiece in order to use this replacement tank . This is not a complete setup.

eGo USB Passthrough / Charge Cable

Fits all eGo pass through batteries and USB wall or car chargers. Approximately 30" in length.

eGo Zipper Cases

 These handy zippered carrying cases will provide room for e-liquid, spare battery, charge cable and spare accessories. Mesh pockets keep contents secure and seperated. Available only in medium size, Emerald Green or Tuxedo Black . Approximate size is:

    : 6- 3/4" x 2- 3/4" x 1-3/4

Nautilus Mini Hollowed Out Replacement Tank

Nautilus Mini Hollowed out Replacement Tank. This is a beautiful replacement that has all the internal workings but NOT  the mouthpiece or base. You MUST have a Nautilus Mini base and mouthpiece in order to use this tank, it is not a complete tank setup.

Wall Charger

Two styles, Compact design is ideal for home or travel. Plug folds in for convenient travel in your carrying case.  Standard charger has a solid plug that does not fold in.  Accepts all standard USB cables.