Aspire 1600mah C/F VV Battery

Authentic and genuine Aspire carbon fiber variable volt battery. This is the real deal and not a clone. Outstanding workmanship and circuitry are evident in this 1600mah beautiful new battery. Features a newly designed spring loaded contact point for positive and reliable atomizer connection. metal on/off power button (not plastic) for dependable operation. The voltage has variable adjustment from 3.3-4.8 volts via the base adjustment wheel and is visible through a small window. A long lasting powerhouse that performs as well as it looks. Available in black or gray carbon fiber wrap. Durable, dependable and elegant is the only way to describe this top of the line battery. Charge cable  included with each battery at no additional cost.   30 day warranty against manufacturer defects.

VCB Aspire Nautilus

In our opinion, this is one of the finest tank systems available. Our Aspire Nautilus is an adjustable airflow tank system and has a huge Pyrex tank with a 5ml+ capacity.  Dual bottom coils provide a smooth dependable maximum vapor production. There are four airflow adjustment settings that allow you to taylor the draw to your personal liking. Only Nautilus coils will work with this unit, not our stanndard bottom coils. Comes in a beautiful satin stainless finish. These were purshased from a distributor and not from Aspire directly, so we cannot guarantee the authenticity. We however, have thoroughly tested these products and can say from our own experience they look and perform beautifully. Works with any of our eGo style batteries Complete with extra coil, eGo trim ring and user manual. 30 day warranty against manufacturer defects. (Except coil unless D.O.A.) 

7-22-14 Update: We have researched the serial numbers of these and determined that they are not genuine Aspire products but an extremely high quality reproduction and have priced them accordingly. You will not be disappointed in this product.  

Aspire Nautilus Replacement Coils

GENUINE Aspire Nautilus 1.8 ohm BVC  (Bottom Vertical Coil) replacement coils. The previous coils were pulled from the site when we discovered they were clones. These are the real deal. 


Genuine Nautilus Hollowed Out Replacement Tank

 This GENUINE Nautilus Hollowed Out Replacement Tank is a beautiful accessory for your Nautilus tank. Diamond design stainless protects the Pyres tank and is a gorgeous accessory.. Beautiful with all batteries and especially with the Aspire Carbon Fiber. Only requires your existing base and mouthpiece. Authentic and can be verified as genuine.

VCB Protank ll

This is the same  Protank ll clearomizer that is in our boxed package. Comes with a standard 1.8-2.0 ohm coil but none of the extras. Fits all our eGo Batteries See the package description for details. 30 day warranty against manufacturer defects     (Except coil unless D.O.A.

$9.95 - $11.95
eGo Zipper Cases

 These handy zippered carrying cases will provide room for e-liquid, spare battery, charge cable and spare accessories. Mesh pockets keep contents secure and seperated. Available only in medium size, Emerald Green or Tuxedo Black . Approximate size is:

    : 6- 3/4" x 2- 3/4" x 1-3/4

ARO Pyrex 3.5ml Clearomizer

This beautiful ARO Pyrex clearomizer is as durable and good looking as it is easy to use. This is the "big brother" to our ARO ll. The large 3.5ml capacity is not only convenient but also compatible with all our bottom replacement coils. A perfect fit and match for our Vision 1300mah variable volt battery. Clouds of vapor, smooth easy draw, easy fill and a  true pleasure to use. This will fit  ANY of our eGo batteries but looks perfectly proportionate with the 1300 mah Vision. 30 DAY WARRANTY AGAINST MANUFACTURER DEFECTS (EXCEPT COIL, UNLESS  D.O.A.)

VCB ARO ll Pyrex BCC (Bottom Coil Clearomizer)

The VCB Pyrex Clearomizer is a bottom coil 2.0 ohm clearomizer ideally suited for all eGo-t batteries and an excellent choice for variable volt as well. The rugged Pyrex construction allows for ANY e-liquid to be used without worry of cracking or leaking. The replaceable bottom coils are available and only take seconds to install. This clearomizer has an EXTREMELY easy draw and a 2.0 ml capacity. A prefect and elegant fit for eGo-T batteries. To experience the ultimate flavor reproduction and outstanding vapor production, try the VCB Pyrex. This clearomizer was constructed according to VCB specifications in order to assure the higest quality and dependability. 30 DAY WARRANTY  AGAINST MANUFACTURER DEFECTS (EXCLUDING COIL UNLESS  D.O.A.)

VCB Predator T3S- BCC (Bottom Coil Clearomizer)

The Predator T3S is a bottom coil clearomizer that is extremely easy to use and dependable. The large 3ml capacity coupled with a 1.8-2.0 ohm coil makes this an extremely attractive vape that is ideally suited for all eGo-T batteries and a perfect fit for our Winder Variable Volt battery as well. Easy draw, excellent vapor and rebuildable are only some of the benefits. The replaceable coil is a snap to install and makes this a very cost effective clearomizer. These do not have a removeable mouthpiece and are filled from the bottom.  atomizers,there is no   Available colors are: Clear, lightly tinted Blue, Red/Pink and Purple.Cinnamon based e-liquids and a very few citrus flavors can not be used and is noted in our flavor selection description.  30 DAY WARRANTY AGAINST  MANUFACTURER DEFECTS. (EXCLUDING COIL, UNLESS D.O.A.)

Retractable USB Charge Cable

This retractable eGo-T USB cable is a great fit for your carrying case. Ideal for travel or just as a spare. Will NOT work with Elips Eagle batteries. Approximately 30" in length.

Wall Charger

Slim, compact design is ideal for home or travel. Plug folds in for convenient travel in your carrying case. This unit has two indicator lights, red for operation and a green charging indicator. Accepts all standard USB cables.

Protank Airflow Control Valve

An impressive and inexpensive upgrade option for any Protank ll, or Protank lll. The adjustment ring allows you to vary the draw from extremely easy to as tight as you like. Turns a Protank into an even more spectacular performer. Replaces the existing base and blends in perfectly with the tank. Available only in polished stainless. 

CE4+ Clearomizer

The CE4+ Clearomizer is one of the finest and easiest to use vaping accessories available. We only carry 2.1-2.4 Ohm resistance in the clear easy to read style. Holds 1.6ml+ of e-liquid and screws onto any 510 threaded Ego-T battery for a beautiful finished look. The mouthpiece screws on and makes this clearomizer virtually leak free.  Easy draw, easy fill, easy maintenence and clouds of vapor. NOT TO BE USED WITH CINNAMON BASED E-LIQUIDS. Since customer usage and voltages vary, as with all atomizers, there is no warranty on this product unless D.O.A. Not recommended for high voltage. Ideal for the novice, appreciated by the experienced vaper !! 

(Now only available in the long wick version that has been the most highly requested.)


eGo USB Charge Cable

Fits all eGo pass through batteries and USB wall or car chargers. Approximately 30" in length.

eGo Standard Charge Cable

USB charge cable for standard eGo and variable volt batteries. Equipped with the newest safe circuit board for worry free battery charging.